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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to everybody! Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Have a wonderful Yule. Have a terrific Kwanzaa. Enjoy Saturnalia. I hope you all have a lovely time!

Cover Art Part 1

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *ahem* I've just seen rough cover sketches for The Traitor God and I'm awestruck. That's my book, with an amazing cover (to be revealed early next year), that is going to be in bookshops and libraries across the world. Much excitement!

Cat Is Out Of The Bag

I guess the cat is out of the bag now! My good friends over at Fantasy Faction have posted the news that Angry Robot will be publishing my debut novel, The Traitor God in June 2018.  You can find the announcement and a fancy guest post from me here . Would you like to know more? The Traitor God A city threatened by unimaginable horrors must trust their most hated outcast, or lose everything, in this crushing epic fantasy debut. After ten years on the run, dodging daemons and debt, reviled magus Edrin Walker returns home to avenge the brutal murder of his friend. Lynas had uncovered a terrible secret, something that threatened to devour the entire city. He tried to warn the Arcanum, the mageocracy who rule the city. He failed. Lynas was skinned alive and Walker felt every cut. Now nothing will stop him from finding the murderer. Magi, mortals, daemons, and even the gods – Walker will burn them all if he has to. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s killed a god

2017 Fiction Picks

It's that time of year when I look back to the fiction I read in 2017 and try and pick out which ones I most enjoyed.  So here are the ones that leap to mind, in no particular order: The Ninth Rain - Jen Williams The Core - Peter V. Brett The Memoirist - Neil Williamson City of Miracles - Robert Jackson Bennett Blackwing - Ed McDonald Planetfall - Emma Newman The Seven - Peter Newman The Fall of Dragons - Miles Cameron Chaosmage - Stephen Aryan Hammers on Bone - Cassandra Khaw Kings of the Wylde - Nicholas Eames Extinction Game - Gary Gibson Drake, Dominion, Damnation - Peter McLean Promise of Blood, The Crimson Campaign, The Autumn Republic - Brian McClellan Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding I'm totally missing a handful of others out though...I'll need to root through my book stacks to find out which.