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The Dying Glass Published in Deep Magic Fall 2018

Hey folks, My James White Award finalist short story, The Dying Glass is out now in Deep Magic Fall 2018 Deep Magic have posted a Feature on it to give you an idea what the story has to offer you: This is an amazing short story! We loved so, *so* many things about this fantastic tale: the religious system based on glass, the 11-year old Cara who is deaf and uses a secret finger-talk language with her mother, and how the plot and tension build throughout. And we absolutely love the language! Here's a little sneak peek: "The first rays of the summer solstice struck the spires of the fabled Mirror Tower, causing golden dawn light to ripple through the crystalline walls, scattering points of light, starbright, all across the nave. Cara stared in awe, nausea forgotten. The cathedral vibrated underfoot as priests and dignitaries lifted their voices in prayer. The Dying Glass by Cameron Johnston is an amazing story of glass, a mother's love, gods, demons, recorded