The Traitor God returns!

My good friends at Angry Robot have announced the sequel to The Traitor God. Colour me excited with a proper party hat on!

Tentatively titled, God of Broken Things, the novel will be dropping in June next year and sees your favourite antihero Edrin Walker back in the midst of all that terrible, beautiful action.

Here’s the synopsis:

Tyrant magus Edrin Walker destroyed the monster sent by the Skallgrim, but not before it laid waste to Setharis, and infested its magical elite with mind-controlling parasites. Edrin’s own Gift to seize the minds of others was cracked by the strain of battle, and he barely survives the interrogation of a captured magus. There’s no time for recovery though: a Skallgrim army is marching on the mountain passes of the Clanhold. Edrin and a coterie of villains race to stop them, but the mountains are filled with daemons and magic, and Walker must stop at nothing to win, even if that means losing his mind. Or worse…

For those of you who’ve yet to have read The Traitor God, called this year’s best and most brutal grimdark (by Angry Robot no less!), then you can get a sneak peek of the first chapter right here.


  1. Looking forward to it! Just finished The Traitor God last night and it was wicked fun.

    1. So glad that you enjoyed it! :) I'll be sure to add lots more wicked fun to book 2!


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