Dragon Award 2018 Finalist

So a very unexpected and wonderful thing happened at the weekend. I got an email to say that The Traitor God is a finalist in the 2018 Dragon Awards in the category of Best Fantasy Novel!! Please excuse the jaw trailing on the floor right now...

I have no expectation I will actually win of course, but I'm delighted that something I wrote was liked by enough people to get it nominated, and that's a truly wondrous thing. Thank you all, whoever you gloriously amazing people are!

If you want to take part in the final vote, anybody with an email address can sign up to receive a ballot when they are released:


  1. I'd like to review your work for the series I'm writing on the 2018 Dragon Awards. If you are interested, you can contact me at papapatpatterson@gmail.com. If you want to check to see if I'm legit, you can see my blog at https://habakkuk21.blogspot.com/, and I can give you links to the six Amazon reviews I have wriiten for other finalists.


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