Head Games reprinted in Mirror Dance

I've been asked a few times where the idea of the character of Edrin Walker and the city of Setharis came from - and here it is, the short story that spun off and exploded into becoming The Traitor God: Head Games has been reprinted in Mirror Dance.

If you want to see a slightly earlier version of Edrin Walker taking place before he went into exile, you should probably read this.

Seven corpses lined the side of the alley, heaped atop pig shit and kitchen slops. Stained blankets did little to conceal the lumps of butchered human meat beneath. A black-clad warden wearing the red sash of a captain stood in the middle of the bloody mess, his back to me, hand resting on the pommel of the sword at his waist. I pried the bent rollup from my lips and yawned tabac smoke, scratching at my chin, bristles rasping. They had hauled me out of a warm bed and sent me trudging halfway across the bloody city for this? ...