The Traitor God In Translation

If you haven't already seen the news posted on Angry Robot's website then let me enlighten you by repeating it below:

We’ve got some great news for our buddies over in Europe! Excellent grimdark novel The Traitor God by Cameron Johnston is going to be translated into both Hungarian and Czech!

In Hungary the translation rights have been acquired by Főnix Könyvműhely, with the book being published sometime within the next year. Czech folks will see the translation published by Euromedia Group sometime within the next two.

We told Cameron, and once he’d woken up from his dead faint asked him to give us a couple of words on the deals. Here he is:

“When my book was published several people said they were going to borrow it through their local library – whoa, my book being in a library gives me all the feels. As a kid I spent so much in mine time picking out and reading armloads of books. It is a wonderful feeling that mine has now joined the others on those hallowed shelves.

But wait, what is happening now? People want to translate The Traitor God? *stares* How AWESOME is that! It’s such a strange but similarly heartwarming feeling to know that something I have created will be published in other languages (that I can’t read) for people to enjoy. I wish them the best of luck translating all those unusual sweary words!”

Massive thanks to the Watkins Media rights team, who broker our translation deals. You guys are the best! *blows kisses*

Now to wait for the incoming covers, which we’re sure will be totally kickass. You’ll see them here as soon as our optical orbs get to process them.