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Argyll Adventure

I recently took a few days off and ventured to the west coast of Scotland to explore the wilds and ancient sites of Argyll. We stayed in a castle in the village of Kilmartin, and with more than 350 ancient sites within six miles of the village (150 being prehistoric) we were not going to be short of things to see and do. Unfortunately our first night away coincided with the arrival of gale-force winds of Hurricane Ophelia hitting the west coast. So that wasn't great. Except, it seemed to have gone further south than forecast and instead we got a brief period of breezy weather and a half hour of pounding rain. I call that a win! We were more than happy to sit in the castle by a crackling log fire, reading books (Chaosmage by Stephen Aryan, highly recommended), listening to vinyl records and sipping Laphroaig whisky. The weather was incredibly atmospheric. A little drizzle and a lot of low-lying mist up in the hills and forests makes for some awe-inspiring views. Ther