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Fantasy Worldbuilding: From the Bottom Up

I have a new guest blog post up on the Fantasy Faction website, enticingly titled Fantasy Worldbuilding: From the Bottom Up What does fantasy worldbuilding and magical poop have in common? More than you might think.

Deep Magic

Hot on the heels of The Blitz of Din Barham being published, another short story will be coming out soon between the pages of Deep Magic. Look out for more details next week.

The Blitz of Din Barham published in heroic Fantasy Quarterly #37

My latest short story, The Blitz of Din Barham , has been published in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #37. HFQ has this to say about it: You want dragons? You want sorcerers? You want sorcerous in-fighting? Oh, you get it, in abundance! Din Barham is besieged by dragons, and the squabbling sorcerers are barely able to keep them at bay. Desperate times call for desperate measures and young Kyna, apprentice to the great Magus of Din Barham, has to break ranks and find a solution.

Dragon Awards 2018 Finalists Revealed

The Dragon Awards have released their 2018 ballot and The Traitor God is a finalist for Best Fantasy Novel category alongside Brandon Sanderson, so that's pretty damn cool :) I'm stoked that people out there decided to nominate it. If you want to sign up to vote you can do it here: All the finalists for the 2018 Dragon Awards are listed at the link below. Congrats to everybody nominated (especially if any are part of this group)

Dragon Award 2018 Finalist

So a very unexpected and wonderful thing happened at the weekend. I got an email to say that The Traitor God is a finalist in the 2018 Dragon Awards in the category of Best Fantasy Novel!! Please excuse the jaw trailing on the floor right now... I have no expectation I will actually win of course, but I'm delighted that something I wrote was liked by enough people to get it nominated, and that's a truly wondrous thing. Thank you all, whoever you gloriously amazing people are! If you want to take part in the final vote, anybody with an email address can sign up to receive a ballot when they are released:

God of Broken Things rough draft finished

And lo the rough draft of God of Broken Things (The Traitor God 2) was finished and sent off to his agent for comments! Next he must face the valley of the cutting edits and traverse the dark forest of rewrite...*sigh* Lucky I enjoy writing 😛