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God of Broken Things released

Today is the day! God of Broken Things is officially out and on the shelves!! The tyrant Edrin Walker's tale comes to an end facing down daemons, ancient spirits, mind-controlling parasites, and worst of all: his own power. UK: Amazon dot com: Waterstones

One year ago this week...

One year ago this week my first published book, The Traitor God, appeared on shelves all across the world, rubbing shoulders with authors I've admired for years. It's still such a strange and marvellous feeling to see my book in shops and libraries. Lifelong dream achieved :) With my second book, God of Broken Things, out next week, it's got me thinking about the future. I have a rough draft of a new standalone dark fantasy novel finished and a couple of other projects in a formative stage. There's never any guarantee with publishing, but I really enjoy writing so anything more than that is a bonus. Writing is a solitary business, or so people say, but I haven't found that to be the case since I started writing seriously 10(!!!) years ago now. From hobby writers to published pro's, editors, agents, bloggers and reviewers, and the whole writing community, I've had a lot of support and encouragement along the way.  Cheers to you all!

A Couple of Events

I have a couple of events on over the next two weeks. First up, on Saturday 8th in Edinburgh I will be at the Cymera science fiction, fantasy and horror festival with Anna Stephens:  On Thursday 13th I will be having a book launch for God of Broken Things in Glasgow: Hope to see some of you there!