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Surviving Life out in Kzine

I have another short story out in the world, this time in Kzine, featuring a vampire with iron teeth, graveyards, and old bargains. Surviving Life is out now in Issue #23 of Kzine magazine.

Grimdark Magazine #18

I have a doubler in this month's Grimdark Magazine #18 : a short story, Hatred For Heroes, and an interview. I'm overjoyed to be sharing a cover with such great writers.

Happy New Year!

May 2019 be most excellent to you. I'll be kicking the year off with a short story soon to appear in Kzine and an interview in Grimdark magazine, followed up by a short story in a subsequent edition of Grimdark magazine. Following that it's the launch of God of Broken Things coming out from Angry Robot in June, and trying to find an agent and publisher for the new Work in Progress novel once it's finished and polished up. *fingers crossed*