The Last Shield - coming August 13th.

The cover for my next book, THE LAST SHIELD has just been released! Coming August 13th. The ancient forest realm of Sunweald is bordered on two sides by far mightier nations – a precarious situation. At its centre, the Sunweald Palace is home to the Lord Regent and the heir to the throne, together with numerous precious and powerful artefacts. The Palace is protected by the realm’s elite Shields, dedicated to guarding the royal line against all foes. A group of vicious brigands called the Wildwood Reivers have been stealing arcane artefacts and smuggling them across the borders, out of Sunweald. And the objects they most desire are stored in the mystical Wyrm Vault, hidden away deep in the bones of the earth, within the walls of the Palace itself. As political and religious tensions mount, Sunweald’s druids prepare to enact rituals for the Summer Solstice – but the Wildwood Reivers and their treacherous allies have other plans. It falls to Briar, the commander of the Shields, to d

Grimdark Magazine #37

Grimdark Magazine #37 is out this week, featuring a story of mine from the world of The Maleficent Seven! Titled 'Birth of a Demonologist', it serves as a little bit of an origin story for Black Herran's journey into wielding the terrifying powers of of Hellrath.

Another Two Book Deal With Angry Robot

Hi folks, After sitting on this news for a good while, it's all official now and announced by the Bookseller - Angry Robot have bought two more standalone books from me! Angry Robot has bagged a two-book deal from Cameron Johnston including The Last Shield, a "high-octane adventure" novel. Publisher Eleanor Teasdale acquired world English language rights from Ed Wilson at Johnson & Alcock in a five- figure deal. The Last Shield will be published August 2024. "Cameron Johnston is the go-to for fantasy books that cut your throat and break your heart, and The Last Shield is no exception," said Wilson. "It’s a high-octane adventure story told with all his trademark bloodshed, energy and humour." The Last Shield follows Briar, the commander of the shields, who must defend the palace, and its artefacts, from the "vicious brigands" known as the Wildwood Reivers. The novel is being pitched as "gender-bent ’Die Hard’ set in a mysterio

The Maleficent Seven published

 It's Release Day I could not be happier that The Maleficent Seven is out today! All that blood, sweat and Writer's Tears did not go to waste. It's been a wild ride, writing such a bombastic thrill-ride of a book with all these bigger than life characters who hate each other. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Cameron Johnston Waterstones: The Broken Binding:

Locus Reviews The Maleficent Seven

 Locus Magazine have reviewed The Maleficent Seven !  Spoiler: they loved it.  "Coarse, crude, bloody, brutal, and utterly over-the-top...A go-big-or-go-home delight."   

The Maleficent Seven Cover Reveal

Thanks to for hosting the Cover Reveal for The Maleficent Seven, out on August 10th.