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First Interview as an Author

I answered cunning questions from Hippogriff's Aerie for my first ever interview as an author. Featuring: stop-motion skeletons, video nasties of the 80s, mysterious statues and the beauty of swords. Oh, and The Traitor God, better mention that too! You can read it HERE.

The Traitor God Pre-Orders

The Traitor God is now available for pre-order by all super-awesome people wanting to get their hands on it as soon as humanly possible in June. It is available dressed in your choice of handsome paperback or snazzy ebook attire! For us UK-types it's not available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle until March, but it IS for users of Go figure, that's their KDP for you. Angry Robot - for UK ebooks Amazon UK - No UK Kindle pre-orders available until March. Waterstones Barnes and Noble Book Depository The wonderful author Brian McClellan has an excellent post on his website about why pre-orders matter.