Mysterious Box

So, so, so...yesterday this mysterious box arrived while I was out.

What could it be? I certainly couldn't find out for the next ten hours. NGHHHhhhhh! So frustrating.

Of course I did have a pretty good idea what would be inside. *had fingers crossed they hadn't sent me somebody else's books*.

OH! Look at that. It's my book. It's really real. Such a surreal but wonderful feeling to see a box -a whole box!- of my own books, then to pick one up and feel its weight in my hand, turn it over and read the back as if I was browsing the shelves of a book shop.
What a wonderful moment :)


  1. That's awesome! Now put it up on a shelf between Robert E. Howard and Mark Lawrence to really complete the moment!

    1. Haha I really should, right next to my Robert Jordan and Robin Hobb books too.


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